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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Entry
All terms and conditions for entry in this exhibition are required. WFWS Exhibition Committee reserves the right to refuse any work for unacceptable quality, improper framing, damage caused by shipment, or for non-compliance of these terms and conditions. Any work, once selected by the juror, later found to be out of compliance with any term or condition, will be disqualified from exhibiting. Any artist who submits work later disqualified or who withdraws work, once selected, may be banned from participation in WFWS sponsored exhibitions for a period of up to two years. The WFWS Exhibition Committee’s determinations and decisions are final.

  • Online Entry only via ArtCall.

  • Open to all WFWS Society members. Participants are limited to a total of three (3) entries. Only one painting may be selected.  No refunds once payment is received.
  • All works must be original. No copies or likenesses of another artist’s work, or works created under instruction.
    Use of copyrighted sources are prohibited.
  • Paintings must NOT have been shown in any previous WFWS exhibition, nor in any previous National or International exhibition by other Societies (including any online National or International exhibitions).  
  • All works must consist of water media on natural or synthetic paper or paperboard.
    • Water media includes watercolor, acrylic, water based texture mediums, ink, gouache, casein, egg tempera, watercolor pencil and watercolor crayon.

    • No clay board or canvas.
    • No varnish.
    • No water-based (miscible) oils.
    • No alcohol-based dyes or inks.
    • No 3-dimensional art.
    • No digital art.
    • A work that is primarily collage must use water media paper painted by the artist.
    • Any questions on acceptable media should be discussed with the Society Delegate, prior to entry submission.
  • Unframed image may be no smaller than 100 square inches.
    • To determine eligible size, multiply height by width. The resulting number must be 100 or greater. For example, 8”x10”=80in2 (too small) or 10”x10”=100in2 (eligible for entry).
    • When filling out the entry form online, enter the paintings dimensions only.  Do not add the mat sizing.
  • Mat size may be no larger than 30" x 38".
  • Follow the Guidelines for Juried In Entries in the Prospectus.
  • Works juried in for this exhibition must be delivered for the exhibition dates and remain for the duration of the show.
    • Artists may not substitute another work for an accepted work, nor withdraw the work once selected by the juror. Artists whose work is selected and then not delivered at the designated delivery date to the exhibition venue is considered withdrawn. Artwork deemed out of compliance with this prospectus’ terms and conditions is considered withdrawn.
  • A commission of 30% will be deducted from all sales. Artwork must be sale for this exhibition.
    • No changes in price or other entry details can be made after the submission deadline. By entering this show, the artist enters into a contract with the gallery, which will be the acting agent for the sale of his/her artwork.
  • While utmost care will be taken in handling entries and artwork, neither UWS nor its representative will be responsible for damage or loss from any cause.
  • By entering the exhibition, I grant the UWS and WFWS permission to publish digital and print images of my artwork in perpetuity for the purpose of education, publicity and archiving of the 46th WFWS Exhibition. 
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